Creative Director, Photographer & Stylist


Savannah was born in London with early childhood influences from growing up between New York, London, and Jamaica. Her surroundings and upbringing have immersed her in a range of cultures, art practices, design, fashion, and music, all of which continue to inspire and inform her present work. By living this multicultural experience, she has gained a deep understanding of urban style and global heritage, resulting in the development of a unique sensitivity to street culture with a highly sophisticated eye.

With her passion for talent, spotting trends and understanding the aesthetics of identity, this allows her to develop and bring out the personality of her subjects, while focussing on the end result required by her clients. 

Each project requires different aspects of her, so while she often shoots and styles, she also styles or photographs with other collaborators. Her perspective and vision are often sought as a creative director.  She has an eye for interesting looking people and finds them wherever she is for her castings, often kick starting their modelling careers. When in Jamaica she has been called upon to produce shoots for others due to her extensive knowledge of the Island.